Re: Long Time Customers do we matter?


My intension wasn't to demean Verizon, it is a true frustration of ours and many people we know who have been with Verizon for a long time, I was hoping for some insight regarding the subject of appreciating loyal customers and hearing about possible promotions coming up aimed towards loyal customers. From the comment above regarding "what does loyal mean", I didn't realize I would have to define the meaning of Loyal, that in itself makes me question the value placed on loyal customers.  Here's a definition of a loyal customer:  We've been with Verizon for 19 years this coming March, my entire family has been with verizon the entire time, 5 of us until my  my mother who passed recently so now 4 of us, we have kept our adult children on our account and they pay us their share monthly because we feel it's important to stay on the same network, we pay our bills on time every month for the full 19 years, we recommended Verizon to all of our friends and most joined because of our recommendations and have also been loyal customers for almost 2 decades too.  We are frustrated to see promotions for new phones aimed at new customers or customers who can add a new line and none aimed at loyal customers.  I would think that a rewards program would be beneficial to Verizon for keeping older customers, "At 5 years you get $100 off towards a new phone", at "at 10 years you get $200 off a new phone" etc, this would stop people from changing networks and would actually be inspiring for customers to STAY with Verizon knowing that loyal customers are valued.