What do we do about slow speeds?


I've been with Verizon since 2007 and they are getting on my last nerve. I pay for the top tier unlimited plan and I'm consistently getting under 2mbps. It's utter garbage. I'm on WiFi a lot, but if I'm paying for unlimited data and don't abuse it, how in the world am I getting throttled in a major city? I spent an hour on call with support and they gave me a run around about my device not being sufficient. So I paid nearly $1000 for a Galaxy S10 and you have the audacity to tell me that it's my phone? What about the fact that all lines on my plan experience the same latency. DATA is slow. If you're reading this, don't sign with Verizon, get a better and cheaper plan elsewhere. I'm already trying to figure out the cost analysis for moving to TMobile.

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