Re: how to submit a complaint to corporate office?


Im a customer of verizon . I went into the store in coral gables. and dont remember the name of the sales person but i have a 7 plus and was thinking of getting another phone for my business. and the sales person told me the 6 is free only an extra 25 dollars a month and then  he said he would give my husband an extra 4 months for free if he went from pay as you go to  the contract≥ My husband loved pay as you go but for 4 months free i talked him into it. . then i get the bill for 500 and thinking there is a mistake spoke to a salesperson on the phone for 2 hours and he said i know the problem i will call you back in 3 days and get yoiu the credit. well as busy as i am i waited 2 weeks never a call. so I called today with was september 3 2019 at approx 500 pm. and was told that i get a credit off the bill for 9 dollars a month. i was lied to and i want to cancel all my lines. i want to put all over    social media about how verizon scammed me. but figured this is my last try   to see if you can do something .   talking to tmobile at the same time im emailing you. this week ill be switching if i hear from you  i might reconsider.