Can't edit, change, update PIN. Called support and their system can send me a temp. OMG.


Verizon Wireless is a big company and I would hope they would invest a little money to insure their systems work.

Tonight I've spent 30 minutes and every link I could find on the internet to change my pin and none work, INCLUDING the one in the official VZW help doc.

So I tried to chat, but their chat is not working in any browser.

So I called, but without a pin they have to send me a temp pin... but guess what - that system isn't working either.

Oh, my wife can text me, the VZW website can text me if I make changes, but if I call and can't guess my pin I'm messed up because VZW's phonesystem can't text.

Funny thing is, it says it'll disconnect you after two minutes, but the count down just repeats over and over and over again.

Dear Verizon - please fix your WEBSITE, CHAT, and PHONE SUPPORT SYSTEM.