New customer and already dissapointed and upset.

I have to say that my first 5 days as a Verizon customer have been a dissapopintmetn to say the least. After transferring my number from sprint only 5 days ago I have to say verizon is already giving me a hard time. I bought a Samsung Galaxy S4 and signed a new 2 year contract but I feel as I was deceived. I was sold a re-certified phone but I wasn't even given the option of buying a new phone. The store manager who sold me the phone made it seem that the price I was getting on a re-certified phone was the same as a new one because they were on sale. If he would have told me a new one was extra then I would have spent the extra $50 for a brand new one. Anyway, I left the store happy that day with my new phone until I realized that I didn't even receive a complete package. I went to another store who told me I should have receive earphones and an instruction manual with my phone even if it was recertified. He adviced me to go back and ask for a new one because all I got with my phone was the phone and the charger. Also my biggest issue is im not receiving messages from iPhones. All my family has iPhones and it's a big issue that I don't get their messages. So I returned to the store on Friday and the salesman told me I would have to return on Tuesday and speak to the manager. Are you kidding me?!?! So i have had to wait this whole time till tomorrow for someone to resolve my problem. When I told him I either wanted the phone fixed and everything that comes in the box or a new phone he was rude and told me they wouldn't do that for me. He told me I would have to come back and speak to the manager and if I wanted the new phone I was going to have to pay a $50 restocking fee plus the extra $50 for the new phone, just ridiculous and a waste of time. So now I hope I can be provided with some real customer service because so far I am pretty upset that I left my old phone company.

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