No service after porting


Hola Folks,

I ported my number from Sprint to Verizon, but now I don't have service (I have reception, but am unable to make calls or send/receive texts). I've already received the text message stating the port is complete, and checking the port status on the Verizon website confirms this.

I've tried power toggling the phone, doing a hard reset, leaving it off for a while, turning it on for a while, connecting to wifi, removing and replacing the SIM card, and contacting support via live chat. They were unable to help with the issue, and suggest I call to speak to someone higher up (but I can't make calls!).

Does anyone have any idea of something else I could try? If all else fails, I will contact them as soon as possible with another phone. I'm just trying to get my service back as quickly as possible.

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