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godsson wrote:

well my dad an i are going to sign up under his name and were both getting smartphones..... so let me ask you this then.... is the ONLY way to share your data to tether and to use ur device as a mobile hotspot? besides that each person is entitled to their own 2GB per phone correct??

Sharing data is just like sharing minutes, with the added capability of being able to ALSO share it with devices via the hotspot which are not even on your plan.

You have a pool of data. If you want to have 2GB/phone, you will need to sign up for 4GB of shared data. If one phone uses 3 of those 4GB, though, the other phone would only have 1GB to use before you see overages. This is the SAME as if you were on a 700 minute share plan and one phone used 500 of those minutes. The other would only be able to use 200 minutes before overages were incurred. Sharing does not mean you split them evenly. It only means the ENTIRE pool of data is available to EITHER phone and when the pool of data has been used up, you will start to incur overages, regardless if one phone has used ALL of the data, most of the data or an equal amount of data.

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