Re: trying to change plan but no chat or email customer service available


""You can argue here to your hearts desire, but aren't going to get the result you want."

                    ( some decent costumer service??)

"Their ball, their''ll just have to live with it.""

well that's just my point!! what kind of customer service is that?

it should be obvious reading the posts on this forum that customers are not satisfied with Verizon and this is one of the major reasons.

it easy to upgrade online or buy something from them online.

but  to change your plan <because you cannot afford it> you have to go in to the store?? or wait on hold and endure sales pitches you don't want? Their policies prove they don't care about their customers only pushing services on them they don't want. so they lose customers.

customer service motto is "my way or the highway?"   really?!?