Re: trying to change plan but no chat or email customer service available


i have three phones on my plan.

i want one of them removed.

in fact, i haven't used the phone in three months and when you call it you get a "not in service" message.

but the phone i still listed on my bill and I am still paying the (ludicrous) surcharges and taxes and line fees.

there is absolutely no reason why i shouldn't be able to change my plan online, without talking ot anyone.

there are hundreds of complaints about your lack of email. there are hundreds of complaints about customer service chat and customer service in general. look it up.

this is simple

1) i want one of my phones removed from my plan (3-1=2)

2) i want to know how much it will cost for the two remaining phones.

3)i want to be able to contact a customer service rep through email

4) i want to be able to look at the different plan options online and be able to change them online.

5)really nice of you to offer help but ... on twitter? really??? facebook too? no thanks.

why don't you just have the availability on your website to change plans and offer email customer support?