First Responder Discount Not Applied


In January, I added a line and spoke to the rep via phone who said I should change plans, etc., and that my existing employee discount through my employer would still apply, however, I should submit for the new First Responder Discount.  I assumed my existing employee discount was still in place and around first part of February I received a recertification email saying I needed to submit my employment info to recertify my existing discount.  So I did that.  I then also went ahead and applied for the First Responder Discount (which is the same discount % that I had with my employee discount program) and as of May's statement I still don't see any discount.  I have called, chatted, etc., and keep being told it takes 1-2 billing cycles.  Well it's been 4 billing cycles and still nothing. 

On the last chat, I was told my certification was validated as of 02/08/2019.  I would also argue that I already had my existing discount in place up until switching to the First Responder discount, so why am I not seeing either discount going all the way back to January?  Any others who have this long delay and unwillingness to apply the discount? It's getting frustrating and had I known, I would have added the new line to an ATT plan and would be receiving an even higher discount.