Re: Filed Complaints with FCC and Michigan Public Service Commission

Community Manager
Community Manager

sm11 we are saddened to learn you decided to cancel your two lines. As boringusername and glitchedpixel noted, disconnection requests can be entered at any time but they are processed at the end of the bill cycle in which you make the request. This helps ensure you are able to successfully port your number if you want to keep the number with your new carrier or in the event you change your mind the request can be removed and you can once again reactivate service without needing a brand new line or phone number. 


Similarly, we did provide the correct information via chat in regard to the charges for the two lines. Once the disconnect order is processed, the two lines would no longer produce any further charges beyond the bill cycle in which you requested the disconnect.


To ensure we are aligned, what were the two lines you for originally?


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