Filed Complaints with FCC and Michigan Public Service Commission


On 2019/03/30, I terminated two lines from my family plan.  After spending more than 5 minutes chatting with the agent to convince them I really did want to terminate as of 3/30, they assured me that the lines would be turned off.  I checked online, and found the lines still reflected on my account after the agent said the termination had been entered.  The agent said they would remain active through the end of the billing period  "for your convenience".  After additional lengthy discussion, the agent finally said they understood that the lines were no longer in use, and promised that I would receive a credit for the line fees for the month.

Today I found that there were still no credits applied.  I contacted Verizon on chat again.  The agent this time said that policy states no credit is allowed after the start of a billing period, but that charges for those two lines would not appear going forward.  I explained about my previous chat conversation, and the agent replied that as the other agent had not made manual credit adjustments, there would be none.

Given that a credit was promised by the first agent, and a Verizon representative is now refusing to provide that credit, I have filed complaints with the FCC and MSPC.  I am also now looking for a new mobile service provider.

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