Re: This company is a scam!


That's fine but I was sent a monthly bill estimate of $84 dollars by email, the website says the amount. Even the executive office that called me yesterday said it's showing up as $84. They apologized to me and offered me a extended return kit or 3 months at $20 because they claimed their system has glitched. Overall I settled for a $108 credit yesterday and 4 more months with a $60 adj to make it $20 because they cannot honor the glitch in its entirety. 


So glitchedpixel if you must know 80 is correct but that's not what I was sold that day. I was falsely advertised a unlimited price. They have realized their mistake and have provided a resolution but I'm still not fully satisfied. But it'll have to do. I will close this account when I'm done and good riddance. Company is a fully blown joke.