Was misguided by Verizon


Bought two Moto Z3's to update lines I already have with Verizon.  Purchased on 11/24 as part of black friday sale at a price of about $12 per phone per month.  Cyber monday deal dropped the price to $5 per line per month.  Well within the 14 day price guarantee period.  I was told I needed to cancel the order (this is on cyber monday), give the system an hour or two to process the cancellation, then simply reorder by the online representative.  A shipping label had been created an hour before my request but it never left the verizon facility based on tracking information.  The cancellation never went through, so I reached out again at about 6 PM and again at 10 PM and was assured both times, it would be handled and I would have the cheaper rate.  The 10 PM conversation went on until 11:45PM and the deals were switch back to the $20/line price.  I was told a form was filled out and the note would be placed on my account that would allow me to retroactively still get the $5 per phone per month rate.  Today, I was informed that Verizon would not honor that price.  After being online for over 5 hours, over two different days, with five or six verizon representatives and their supervisors, I still do not have the $5 rate.  I was simply pushed off and given a 1-800 number to call because they don't have the authority.  I get that they have limited authority, but come on.  This is cut and dry!  Honor the price I was told I would be given.  I made multiple attempts during cyber monday to correct the issue and was proactive.  I've been upset at Verizon in the past, but this takes the cake.  My line has been with verizon for well over 10 years and this is the first time I am seriously considering all options.  Also, until my account is updated, it currently shows I owe $480 my Droid Turbo and $480 on my iPhone which were paid off in April and May of this year.  That should be a fun correction for them to make and another 2 hours of my life plus the hours I'll spend figuring out who has coverage in my area.

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