Misrepresented and Cheated


I have been charged for phone insurance coverage for 3 phones, when I only asked for one to be covered.  This has been going on since March 2017, the service representative only took off the current month's charges.  Also I was charged for coverage as well as tech support when I only asked for replacement coverage.  When I recently went to the Verizon store in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA. I was told by the sales associate that I could change my plan at any time and it would be pro-rated.  When I called to actually change my plan, the phone representative said that it could not be changed until the start of the next billing cycle.  If this is not rectified, I will take my business elsewhere.  I think that you people are crooks.

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Re: Misrepresented and Cheated


Why didn't you review your bills sooner?

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Re: Misrepresented and Cheated

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If you looked at your bills you would have easily seen the charges. Even if not didn't the price you were paying seem a bit too high? You can't blame Verizon for 20 months of insurance when looking at your bill or My Verizon at ANY time over the last 600 days would have easily shown the extra insurance. Take some responsibility for your part in this.

Re: Misrepresented and Cheated

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This is SOP with cell carriers.  You are supposed to regularly read the bill for accuracy.  Going a year and a half without disputing a charge and paying all this time means you approved the charges as valid.  And it's not like Asurion is going to issue a refund to Verizon either.

Re: Misrepresented and Cheated

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PAULCRSM, we never want to lose a valuable customer like yourself. We know the importance of getting the correct information and being able to change your plan when you want to. We want to help you in any way we can.

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