after 14 yrs with this company anytime I upgrade or order I get wrong information.


I have been a loyal Verizon customer for 14 yrs and have had several offers to move to other companies but stayed true to Verizon. I just went to upgrade my IPhone and got nothing but lies incorrect information and lines added to my acct. this was due to a bogo offer and was told incorrect information. so instead of lowering my $300+ a month bill it's now A LOT more. Been on chat with 4 to 5 reps and each tell me wrong info or get disconnected no call or chat back after hours of chatting with a rep. I asked for a supervisor they would not come on the line but was sitting next to the rep and watching what was going on but would not assist me. with all the incorrect answers and not disconnecting lines I requested 3 times, I am so ready to send my upgraded phone back and close my account. no loyalty to long time customers but if you are just opening an acct they will do whatever they can to get new business.

so unhappy right now. 

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