Re: 55+ Unlimited Plan is a Scam


I came on here for exactly the same reason.  The outright hassle and lack of consistency that Verizon customer service  provides information to their customers.  I have been with Verizon for over 20 years, do they really care? no.  an example of a problem, My iphone 7 nothing but problems replaced 2 x, the third time i said no more, i want out of this phone.. I still owed on it and was considering using another line to get another phone, however the rep says, all you have to do is pay 1 more payment (12 of 24) and you can trade in and upgrade... So I do and come back to upgrade, only to be told that i couldn't do it I didn't have that plan.  I was angry to say the very least.  I got connected to a supervisor who sets me up with this groovy neat plan to get this problem taken care, essentially getting me out of my 7.  After she told me if I turned it back in it would not pay off the balance she made me a deal, for my trouble she was going to credit my account for 1/2 the balance and then when the phone came in the rest would be taken care of... Did this happen? no.  I had decided to keep the 7 to use as a backup to the Xs i figured i would pay off the 1/2 that was supposed to be remaining, i was still being billed as though nothing had changed payments for the 7 , payments for the Xs   on 2 different lines.  I call about this and oopsie, no one knew anything, the notes were unclear and btw was on the buyback, it would have satisfied the balance owed. the whole pay off half bit was garbage.  Of course when i asked to speak to this woman, no one can transfer you, but they can send them an email to call you back, of course i didn't get a call back, neither did the rep i had been talking to who said he'd call back the next day at X time... So now i am really disgusted.

This most recent issue happened this week.  I ran out of my SDI.  So now no income. I am a nurse have had a good income and now  about $700 month from retirement.  I am limited on work because of back issues.  So I am looking at bills and looking at Verizon and thinking why am I paying so much and for what?  I decide to check out At and T for the seniors deal,  2 unlimited lines for $70 cuts my bill in half if i do it.  So i call verizon with the intent to transfer, I actually got a good rep i thought.   And since Verizon has a comparable plan just a $10 more he tried to make that work, BUT its only for 2 lines my 3rd line is my son's and is currently on military suspension. So ultimately the idea was to separate the 2 lines  by having him have his own account, thereby allowing the 2 lines 2 go into the program.  My rep and his supervisor worked over an hour on this and ultimately the dept that could do that transfer was closed.  He gave me the numbers to cal and said if there was any problems have them transfer me to him. I was like , yeah right that will never happen.  He then told me how to do that.  SO of course, i start the process and NO one seems to be able to what had been noted and when I asked for Matt, of COURSE they couldn't transfer me,   1st because they couldnt, 2nd because he was offline.  Apparently days off.  so i said email him and tell him urgent to call me, they figured that latest he would be back was yesterday (Friday).  I said great, he needs to talk to me by Friday or Im outta here.  And of course the whole deal with my son's phone is messed up as well because since i was actually doing it for him, one of the emails came to me and you can't have duplicate emails...

So, I am going to try to get hold of that rep today.. and if that doesn't work, I AM outta here.  I am sick and tired of being lied to and jacked around.  Customer service is junk, most could care less, one rep at the beginning of all this months ago,when i said its ridiculous that they can't work with me so I am going somewhere where my business has value and he said ok  see ya. ( not literally but same thought)  I have given these guys more chances than they deserve.  I have been a loyal customer for a very long time and then after reading your problems trying to get things arranged I realized its not worth the headache.  Sorry Verizon,I think the fat lady is singing.. really loudly

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