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PTMC853 wrote:

We highly suspect that VZW is calculating our Data Plan Usage incorrectly on purpose. There IS NO WAY ANY OF OUR 4 device lines are "USING UP" ALL our data plan gigs allowed in our Plan way before the end of our billing cycle, thereby running out of data gigs, so we are always getting VZW texts that we need to buy more gigs to avoid being thrown into "safe mode slowdown" of our devices.

We feel very strongly VZW is using DECEPTIVE PRACTICES on us, on purpose to force us to have to buy more gigs or switch to an Unlimited Plan that will cost us a lot more money. There is no way we can see actual PROOF of how VZW is monitoring and calculating the amounts (gigs) of data. VZW tells us we have ALREADY "used up", "pre-maturely MAXXED OUT" on our Plan Data several DAYS before the end of our billing cycle. This has gone on for several month and longer. PLZ give this matter your quickest consideration, addressing these issues.

Thx, Patricia [removed]

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Have you checked your phones data counter to see if it agrees with Verizon's accounting of your data usage.

Normally, the culprit when data usage is above what is expected usually turns out to be an app with settings such that it is allowed to use background data. Go into your phone's data counter to determine which apps are using the most data. Then go into those apps and check/change the settings so that they will not use more data than you would like them to use.