Problem about final bill + the worst customer service experience ever had


I switched from postpay to prepay on Monday (7/30). The person on call charged me $40 for the prepaid plan without telling me anything about how to end my old postpay account. I called customer representatives about my final bill on postpay account, since I switched in the middle of the bill cycle, I don't think I need to pay the full amount, which is about $60 (I have enrolled in the autopay for my postpay plan, I received a text message said they had already scheduled $60 e-payment). They closed my old account on Monday, so there is no way for me to access my old postpay account, cancel/revise that scheduled payment or check my account number.

Then I called customer representatives again. She told me they need few days to figure out my final bill and she scheduled a call back to me on Wednesday (8/1), but anyway they did not call me back on Wednesday. Then I called them againnnnnn. Person from postpay team told me I should call prepay team and person from prepay team told me I should call postpay. I also chatted with online agents. Finally their conclusion was I should call finance team. Okay fine, I called finance team using the number they provided me. I don't know why they still transferred me to prepay team. Then I said I talked to both postpay and prepay already. I have spend at least 3 hours with customer representatives from both team. Please transfer me to finance team. She asked me to hold (I don't know what she was doing). After I repeated 3 times I want to talk to finance team, she finally did transfer me to someone else. I have on idea who that person is. Without letting me say my problem, she said we would transfer you to prepay team, because you are in prepay plan. I said can you hear my problem first. Then she said can you hold? Then I said yes. Then without explaining anything to me, she hung up the call. (???????)

My whole idea is how much my final postpay bill will be. I don't think this is a complicate question that worths 4+ total hours with customer representatives both on phone and online, Plus you still cannot figure that out and even want to hang up my phone.

Anyway, no matter if I figure out my problem at the end of this cycle, I will NEVER USE VERIZON again. I have had the WORST customer service experience. No one wants to take the responsibility. Their way to solve the problem is just letting you to call another team.

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