Re: My Verizon is temporarily unavailable


Hello voyager,

I dont know if this applies to you or not.  I am a prepaid / pay as you go new customer.  In all my information it never stated that prepaid customers are the lowest of the low at Verizon.

I finally found information that there are separate sites for prepaid / post (full/contract)customers.   Also there are different types of accounts in the full accounts.  Members, Managers and Account Owners.  I originally created an account here and I couldn't link my phone to my account.  This was because I was "prepaid"  All those messages wouldn't work because I couldn't link my phone.  And then I couldn't change any info because I wasn't the account manager.  smh.. its like circles.

Then I stumbled upon a link that solved all my issues.   This took me to a completely different area and I had access to everything.   I did have to use a new email address to sign up but now I can see everything.   Like I said, in my issue at least, or for any having this issue.  If you are prepaid.  The full site is not for us "low prepaid" users.   Instead of telling us "you can access" or "this is unavailable" SAY WHY.  

Inscripción en Mi Verizon - Validar cuenta móvil

After I linked my phone to this new area, all my phone info and payment etc... was there.   The weird issue tho.  Afterwards, to sign in, using the phone number works.  But if I use the new email as (username) it will give an error.   I hope this helps some people.