Refunding an Order


I just moved to a new state for a job and decided to upgrade from my pre-paid phone.  Picked Verizon as many of my colleagues had good things to say about them.  Ordered it on the 2nd, had it flagged by fraud team, called and got the situation taken care of with images of my license, was told I was good to go.  They shipped it, and then when it was out for delivery, it was recalled and sent back to Verizon.  My license was from the state I'd just moved to, but I thought I had made that clear, and the fraud team had approved it.

Now I'm being told that I need a new license (nothing else will do, even though I have a SSN card).  I've had the run around with customer support lately, and that's when I can get a hold of them.  What are my options here?  I just want a refund. 

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