Re: Why am I on the cheapest plan possible (2gb) for 1 line and and my bill is over $110/mo WITH a discount through lyft?

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ANYphoto wrote:

Yes, I am making device payments, i got the s8 when it came out. And I'm paying for my tablet line which I never use.

Yes, if you lump in the monthly payments which come with the purchase of one of the most expensive devices Verizon sells with the monthly cost of your cellular service, your monthly bill will be higher. That does not mean the cost of your service is that high, it isn't. Your choice of expensive phone is what is causing your monthly bill to be so high. If you want your monthly bill to be lower, pay off your device and it will drop by the amount you are paying each month to purchase your phone.

As to your discount thru Lyft, that is a small percentage applied to your data cost only. Since you are on the 2 GB data plan, that discount only applies to $35 of your monthly bill. Your discount does not apply to the line access fees for your phone($20) or tablet($10). It also does not apply to the monthly cost of purchasing your S8($31.50)

data cost $35(less any discount)

phone line access fee $20

tablet line access fee $10

monthly S8 phone payment $31.50

Total = $96.50 before any taxes/fees or discounts on your data thru Lyft.

Ways to lower your monthly bill would be to purchase a cheaper phone next time, purchase a used phone next time, pay for your phone up front instead of on a payment plan, don't add a tablet to your plan you won't use, etc...

There are many things on your bill making it so high which appear to be unnecessary items you chose to add and are contributing to your high bill. The tablet, for one, which you likely have a $175 ETF should you cancel that device right now. The S8, is another. Without those 2 items, your monthly bill would likely be at least $45/month cheaper.