Re: Data usage seems fraudulent!


So the helpful info is that I have to constantly switch mobile data on and off constantly?  Isn't it advertised that Wi-fi will be used as the priority when both are available?

And speaking of using data at 6am, Verizon's data log is showing more usage at 5:44am (when I'm asleep, whether ET or MT), than 10:00am when I'm awake!  Is the data log inaccurate? How would I be able to track data usage if the logs are wrong?  Verizon might want to list the time zone for this, too.

I'm in the broadcast industry, so I know that my Wi-fi is fine in my home and at work.

Sorry to sound short, but this sudden data drain was as if a switch was thrown a month or so ago, and nothing on our part has changed.

Verizon Data Small.jpg