What makes Verizon such a HORRIBLE company....


I called in to Verizon customer service today to see if they would match Sprints unlimited offer of $50 for the first line, $40 for the second line, and the 3 - 5 lines are free. I originally spoke with Ashley, who put me on hold and then somehow I ended up speaking with Daniel in technical support - who told me I had to hang up and call back (poor poor poor customer service). None the less, I did and got a Tammy the second time around. Well she was pleasant enough to deal with, she even apologized for the poor customer service that I had just received from Ashly! However, Tammy gave me every excuse in the book as to why/how Sprints unlimited plan is not all that it is cracked up to be. We both looked through Sprints website together, while she tried to find loop hole after loop hole in their offer and the bottom line is she couldn't find one! In the end, she finally admitted that YES Sprint does have a cheaper plan - although her effort to make the argument that Sprint would make up being cheaper by over charging with their equipment, etc. never stopped!  The best that she could say to me is that Verizon already cut their monthly smart phone access fee per line from $40 to $20, so she doesn't foresee Verizon giving any further discounts to match Sprint's current offer! This is so sad that a company is soooooo GREEDY and trying to get every dollar that they can out of their customers that they are not even willing to match their competitors offers. Tammy should be embarrassed to work for Verizon! To the executives - word to the wise, you can call it common business practice....good business practice....whatever you like, a GOOD business LISTENS TO THEIR CUSTOMERS and they NEVER let their competitor have the upper hand (which Sprint currently has)! Sorry Verizon, but I will be switching to Sprint immediately!

For those in the Verizon community who are interested in the details of the switch, as you may want to switch as well, here they go: Sprint will be paying up to $650 per line for me to switch each line from Verizon to Sprint. This will take care of the existing equipment charge that I am paying to Verizon per line (which I have 5). I will be my new equipment with Sprint at buy one get one free! So I will have two I phones on Sprint for $27 per month (currently with Verizon I am paying $58 per month for 2) and two Galaxy S7's for $24 per month (currently with Verizon I am paying $54 per month for two) and my last phone is a Galaxy as well but with Sprint there is not a sixth line to be free...so the monthly charge will be $24 for that last line. So already, switching to Sprint is going to save me $68 in equipment charges (I currently pay $143 Verizon and I will pay $75 to sprint). With Sprint, I will still have to pay the monthly smart phone line access charge per phone BUT overall my new Sprint bill is considerably lower that what I am currently paying with verizon! Verizon: 110.00 (unlimited) + 100 (smart phone line access charge) + $143 (equipment) + $45 (insurance) + $15 (approximate taxes & fees) = $413 per month for 5 lines! NEW BILL WITH SPRINT: $90 (unlimited everything) + 100 (smart phone line access charge) + $75 (2 Iphones & 3 Glaxay equipment) + $45 (insurance) + $15 (approximate taxes & fees) = $325 per month for 5 lines! EVERYONE YOU DO THE MATH - Sprint is clearly cheaper! The only way to teach verizon a lesson is to hit them in their financial pockets, so I ecnourage everyone to SWITCH to Sprint. When Verizon wakes up and comes up with a comparable or better plan thean their competitors, when consider switching back! I'm out!!!

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