Why couldn't I access data in Mexico?


I just got back from a 1-week trip to Mexico.

When I landed I got a text from Verizon stating: Free VZW Message: Welcome to Mexico. Your Talk, Text and Data while in Mexico is included in your Domestic plan.

My phone and text was working. But my internet was not. While at the airport, I signed in to the "free" internet provided by the airport, but that is limited to 10 minutes!

While on my visit I was able to use Wi-Fi at my destination location. But it dit not work on my phone. Just talk and text, no data.

I was using an unlocked Moto G5Plus phone. Is that part of the problem?

I spoke to a support tech on the phone and he mentioned that Verizon had some server problems on Tuesday (the day I landed) and that may have contributed to my problems. But that sounds sketchy.

Has anyone used a Moto G5Plus phone in Mexico on an Unlimited data plan?



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