Re: BOGO Fraud


I feel betrayed by verizon. On December 23rd, I added two new lines of service,  and bought four new iPhone on and BOGO promotion.  The promotion only says to activate and keep the lines active, and to buy the phones. When we were porting over my sisters phone number from ATT to the new line of service, the Verizon representative at the Verizon store cancelled the line and then opened a new line instead of a simple port of the line. This made that line no longer eligible for the promotion. I even asked him why he would do that, and if it made my phones not eligible for the promo. He assured me that was not the case. His actions made that line no longer eligible for the promotion. Even though we clearly  activated a new line and have kept it open.

​Secondly, before we bought the two extra phones, I asked customer service by phone and the Verizon representative in the store, if we had to use the actual physical phones on the activated lines. They both told me that as long as I bought the phones and activated the new lines of service that the promotion was valid. Now Verizon is telling me that it's not the case.

We have a huge phone bill every month and have three families on my plan. We always pay on time. I have spent about 20 hours on the phone with customer service over the past two months trying to clear this up. Each representative on the phone has assured me (except the rep today) that these are mistakes by Verizon and this will be sorted out.

​Verizon, can you please honor this promotion??