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I have been on a family plan from the beginning of time, but I got married and would like to get an individual plan. I am going to stick with Verizon and will be keeping my number. Do I need to go in store with my mother (account owner) or can I do it on my own  as an account manager? Will there be additional fees to leave the plan? I do not believe we have a traditional "2 year contract."

I would appreciate any information. I would prefer not to have to take my mother who lives a distance away if she doesn't have to.


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Re: Leave family plan for Individual Plan


Read through these FAQs. Transfer your service FAQs | Verizon Wireless

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Re: Leave family plan for Individual Plan

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Community Manager

msledge, we thank you for your loyalty and business. Congratulations on your recent marriage. You may assume responsibility of your wireless line by transferring it into your name. This process is called a "Transfer of Service." There is no early termination fee to do this since you will be keeping your wireless line active. Additionally, this process can be done over the phone. Click the link below for the steps on how to complete this account change:






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