Home solutions? 10 GB limit on Unlimited Plan?


I have 3 lines - (2) phones and a verizon 4GB LTE broadband router(my only connection to the internet).  I had a plan w24GB of data shared by all lines that was about to go over.  Just before it went over, I signed up for the Unlimited plan and made it retroactive to the beginning of that cycle.  Not only took care of my impending overage charges, my normal monthly bill dropped by $10 or so.  7 days into the new cycle, I get a text stating "Your Home Solutions ending in #xxx (this is my broadband router) has 10% remaining of its monthly 10GB 4G LTE allowance".  What is that???  I never read of any 10GB allowance of any kind when signing up for the unlimited plan.  Anybody know what that is about?  Since 90% of my internet usage is through this device, does it mean it will be throttled when I reach that "10GB" allowance?

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