1+ year and no resolution


Maybe this will get someone's attention.  In regard to the billing matter that has not been resolved on my line- I am posting this forum to hopefully get some help from verizon. 

I have kept record and documented the conversations with multiple representatives that have all assured me I would have my problem taken care of.  I have received the texts for confirmation appointments via phone for verizon supervisors to discuss and resolve my issue.  NEVER received the call and kept on hold when I tried to reach back out.

I am still being over charged for a phone that was returned to verizon Feb 2016.  (confirmed and emailed confirmation).

Each month give or take I have had some sort of conversation with a verizon rep.  I have also gone back to the store that changed my lines over and instructed me to send back the old phone- at which the contract would be terminated and the new one would take effect.  (never happened)- which the store cannot cancel the contract due to the phone being received by verizon via mail- at which time the contract should have been terminated.

This is getting very old and I am tired of paying an extra $50 dollars a month for a phone/contract that I NO longer have. 

I would appreciate if someone who can ACTUALLY handle this issue to get in contact with me sooner vs later. 

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