Where's my Pixel Credit and promised pre-paid rebate visa


I have bought a Moto Z play and two Pixel on the Black Friday. I was promised that the Moto Z play will be free (after 24 months of credit), I will get two $17/ month credit for my two Pixel, and 3 $200 Visa prepaid rebate card for trade it. I am happy to see my Moto Z credit after 3 months. Yet, it has been more than 4 months now and I didn't see my Pixel credit  (2* $17/months= $34/months) nor my 3 $200 prepaid visa! It has been ridiculus. I called them and it is not helpful! They will just tell you after 1 hour checking "OK.... Yes, you should have those credit. But we have too much order and so you have to wait. You will get the money one day" WHAT? They even said "O... it is not that much money". Now, they are charging me $34 more per months, plus own me $770. I really regret joining Verizon.

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