Rollover Data not rolling over



My issue was;

At 5:30pm yesterday I got an SMS from Verizon that I had 10% Data remaining with 0 days left in my billing period. Which means .56GB of data should roll over today along with the 4GB of data from the plan I purchased.

As of this morning my account shows "0% Data with 30 days remaining" in my billing cycle. So I didn't get the 4GB I paid for, let alone the .56GB carry over.

It makes no sense that my billing cycle rolled over and the Data wasn't reset. No sense. I asked my boyfriend to check his account to see if his plan was also showing 0% Data, but his refreshed like it was supposed to. I feel like this is a tactic for Verizon to trick customers into buying more data, or signing up for a more expensive "unlimited" plan.

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