Can I get my PIN in a text while I am abroad?



I am currently studying abroad, and have not purchased a SIM card, but have rather been using Wi-Fi for all of my communication needs. However, I was attempting to login to my myVerizon account, and realized that when Verizon sends me a PIN number for security reasons, it is sent as a text message, and I would not be able to receive it. Is there any way around this, so that I can access my myVerizon account? In fact, I was doing so so that I could see text messages through the Verizon Messages app.

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Re: Receiving Verizon texts messages as iMessage?

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Community Manager

We always want our customers to have great options while traveling, marching_96. We deeply apologize, but when traveling outside of the U.S. there is no way to receive the PIN. This is part of a security precaution for all accounts.

The security PIN can only be sent to a phone currently connected to our network. Also the Verizon Message app can only be activated while connected to our actual network within the U.S. as well. We are so sad to say, but both of these processes would have needed to have been performed before leaving.

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