Will my 2-year contract be renewed automatically?


I signed into a 2-year contract that will be ending in the next few months. I've heard in the past that after the 2-year contract expires, it was then moved to a month-to-month plan that you could cancel from there, but I wasn't sure if that's changed recently or not. I haven't decided if I will stick with Verizon or not, but if I choose not to, will the plan auto-renew itself for another 2 years or move to month-to-month?

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Re: Will my 2-year plan be renewed without my prompting?


When your two year contract term is completed, it is automatically changed to a month to month contract. There is nothing you need to do. Even if you wanted to start a new contract, that option was removed in January 2017. Purchasing a new phone requires you to purchase it at full retail price either outright or on the DPP agreement.

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Re: Will my 2-year plan be renewed without my prompting?

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Once you complete your two-year contract your plan becomes month-to-month and can be canceled without an Early Termination Fee.

Re: Will my 2-year plan be renewed without my prompting?

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Amallah, we understand your need to plan for the future. We're sorry to hear that you're not sure if you're going to be sticking with Verizon Wireless after all. We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to keep you with us. I've sent you a private message so please check your inbox so we can discuss this further.

Just to clarify your original question, once your contract expires, it will not automatically renew.


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