Re: Updated thoughts on switching to Sprint

Líder Sénior

th64 wrote:

There latest scam when you need a new phone is the worst. You sign a commitment for 2 years and the privilege of making monthly payments on a phone that in the end becomes almost the same price as buying it outright. Gone is the $100 or $200 phone for signing the 2 year commitment. What you do now is just lock yourself into Verizon for 2 years for nothing.

You do realize that a 2 year commitment/contract has you paying $20 MORE ($40) a month rather than no contract and a phone you want based on a monthly budget with a $20 access fee right?

Pay $0-200 for a phone and $40 a month for 2 years or make payments on a phone with a $20 access charge.  Do the math, it's the same price.