Verizon not following through with promises


Is this a common thing for Verizon to promise things to customers then tell them 2 weeks later...nope sorry not gonna happen?

Here is the story....

10/11-10/12           Had an issue with an LG G4 and kept looping and Verizon was like yep its a known issue we will send you out a different phone. I was like ok thank you. So here come a refurbished device, I know that was going to happen and the thing kept saying turn off screen overlay and no matter if it was on or off it kept tell you to turn it off.

10/12-10/13           Go into a Verizon store for them to hard resent and soft reset and safe more the phone to try and fix it and nothing so a rep said they will be sending out a brand new LG G4 and of course I was very grateful for this and he said just make sure you return the cords and all or you might get a fee. But he said it wont come till Monday 10/17.

10/14           A refurbished LG G4 shows up and I call Verizon to ask then why and if something was wrong, was told that the person who told me that was incorrect and they dont even make the LG G4 anymore so they are going to write off the phone balance of $300.04 because of this mistake and said go get a new phone and how sorry they were. Verizon did say it would take a few days for it to process to cancel the device payment agreement out but it should be done by Wednesday(10/19)

10/19           No call no nothing..... 10/20           I call into Verizon to see what is up and all that and they said they see it being canceled, but its locked and they dont know why, but it will be done soon. The rep then said if you do not get a call back by the end of today, (so 9pm is the latest they can call out for follow up calls) we will be getting a FREE phone of our choice....Sure enough no call but I called in at 8:30pm just to see what was up and they also confirmed that a free phone will be given if I dont get a call back by 9pm.

10/21      No call last night so I call in and ask whats up they say the same thing its just locked and its a waiting game and they cant pre order the phone that should be free as they cant dupe up 2 phone on one phone number..... But I will get a call at 8:30-9:30am with a solution to this issue.

10/22           11:45am I call Verizon back and ask why I got no call back they said we dont know why someone would say I would get a call back when the people who do the phone buy out are M-F only, and I just need to wait and call in on Monday 10/24

10/24      I call in again and was told they are so sorry and will be fixing that ASAP and its done now....So I was very happy and they said the case for the free phone is under review and they take 7-10 days to have an answer so I need to just wait....

10/25       I get a free text from Verizon to call in and order my phone as the device payment has been canceled, so I call in and they review it and see all the promises for a free phone then get put on a 30min hold to be told "WE HAVE DONE ENOUGH FOR YOU AND WILL NOT BE DOING A FREE PHONE"

I mean what in the HELL is this nonsense?

Is this normal? How do I proceed?

I have reached out to Verizon's corporate phone number 212-395-1000 and left a voice mail in regards to this whole thing. I mean what in the hell do I do? Im ready to wash my hands of Verizon for this, because its completely unacceptable to tell someone they are getting something then put them on a hold and then come back and say NOPE WE HAVE DONE ENOUGH.

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