Why won't the voice mail Icon go away?


Tired of calling Verizon reps so I'll try my luck here:

Got my phone a while back and all was fine and good, but then I switched to a family plan with my wife and suddenly the voicemail icon won't disappear from my notifications. And every time I check voicemail, I get a pop-up screen asking me if I want to install visual voice mail, which I really don't. I'm not fond of having to turn on data when I'm happily on WiFi just to have to check my VMs (plus trying to access visual voicemail over bluetooth is a nightmare).

Tried calling Verizon reps to make this issue go away, they said they couldn't do anything.

It's already been three months (!!) and after going through all stages of grief, I am now back around to being upset that something like this can't be resolved.

Please help.

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