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delacombos wrote:

I was trying to find information regarding if it would be more cost beneficial for us to switch to the M, L, XL plan versus our current plan.

We only have 3 smartphones and always have $250+ bills (average about 15Gb/month), but I keep seeing ads on tv for 4 lines sharing 20Gb of Data at $80/month.   If I do the math right, $80 plus the two $25 phone payments we currently have via the Edge program, is only $130, so I'm trying to make sure we're not paying almost double what we could be paying.

Thank you for your reply.

If you average 15GB a month, go with the 18GB XXL plan for $100.  3 lines @ $20 each access fee (assuming all are off contract or on a device payment plan) is $60, and then add the two device payments for $50, you are at $210 and then the taxes and stuff - it may work out to be less than what you pay now.

As the rep stated, the $80 for 20GB is only the plan fee, and does not include device payments or line access fees - for 4 lines that's a minimum of $80 ($20 each for 4 lines) - the the 20GB includes adding a new line of service with a device on the device payment plan, so you'd be adding another phone payment to your bill to get to the 20GB.