How can I escalate after being provided wrong or different information multiple times regarding my new bill?


I've spent almost my entire day off trying to get answers as to why my new bill is not going to be what I was quoted on February 25th. Apologies for the length but here is my issue:  On Feb. 25th, I was about to pre order the galaxy s7 and s7 edge (for myself and fiancee) online as I was upgrade eligible. Normally, when I upgrade, i pay the flat, discounted price for the phone(s) at my nearest Verizon store and then keep my current bill as is, which until today, was $111 per month. However, this time I wanted to pre order online so that I could get the promotional Gear VR but I noticed I could only get this if I chose the monthly phone payments option and not the one time phone payment option. Before pre ordering, I spoke to a Verizon rep via chat to confirm this. He confirmed but he also told me that going the monthly phone payments route would actually lower my total bill to $107 per month once I traded in my old phones.  I was surprised and asked him to confirm again. Once he did, I pre ordered per the monthly payments and attempted to save the chat per the email chat option but this failed. Anyways, the day came when the new phones arrived and I traded in my old phones and much to my shigrin, my bill is not $107.  Not including the one time new upgrade fee, it is $147 per month going forward.  I have spoken to multiple reps both via chat, phone, and at the Verizon store to no avail.

First, I wanted the reps to be able to see that I was in fact quoted $107.  It took them awhile because for some reason, only this chat (none of my others) was never linked to my account but instead was found in the general database of chats.  The first person I chatted with said there was nothing she could do.  The second person was seemingly more helpful.  He told me that I needed to have my agreement re done so that the phone trade in discount would be applied to the retail price of the new phones and not to my bill after the fact.  He told me to call my Verizon store and have them speak to the Verizon CORE team.  I called the Verizon store who said I needed to call CORE directly.  I called CORE directly and they told me it was impossible to apply the phone trade in credit to the retail phone amounts.  They then told me they could put my plan back on the 2 year contract and not the monthly phone payments plant but that this would cost me $149 per month.  So it would cost more!!!  They then put me on hold to see what else could be done and I got disconnected.

Point is, there must be something that can be done to honor what multiple reps told me.  Agents cannot just give wrong or misinformation which leads to customers making decisions that cost them more money.  There must be a contact or line I can reach out to reach higher reps that can make this happen.  Any advise would be appreciated and I apologize again for the length.


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