How can I cancel my month-to-month service from overseas if I can't call the 800 number?


I have moved to China on a 24-month job contract. On the advice of the first customer service rep I spoke to, I suspended service on my month-to-month plan so that when I returned I could keep my same number.  However, the rep never mentioned that the suspension is only valid for 90 days.   Now I am being billed for service again.

I now wish to cancel my service altogether but I cannot call the 800 number from China. The internet connection here is so slow and spotty, plus the 12-16 hour time difference, makes it impossible to "chat." If there is an email address available for customer service, it is well hidden on the website.  This whole problem is making me seriously reconsider using Verizon when I do return to the US. 

Toda ayuda es bienvenida.

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