Need to speak to a higher-up---PLEASE

Having trouble with the customer service reps and a manager when I call in. I REALLY need to talk to someone that will LISTEN TO ME at Verizon! I ported my numbers to Straight Talk last month and now they are trying to bill me for December.  All of my numbers were ported before December 2nd and the bill was due on the 8th. I was told by a rep BEFORE switching my service that I was all paid up and that my bills were for a MONTH IN ADVANCE. Now, though, the reps are saying that I'm behind on my bill and OWE. They're telling me that my bills are NOT a month ahead, but a month behind. I KNOW that's not true.  I do NOT feel I should have to pay the $203.15 charge that they are saying that I owe. I've never been late on my bill with them. NEVER. I even called to cover my butt and find out how to go about it, only to be SCREWED by Verizon. I'm VERY upset about how they've handled this whole situation. They told me today that there's no way I'm going to win this and that I might as well pay it. They didn't listen to me AT ALL and I spoke with 4 different people. Ridiculous! PLEASE HELP!!!

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Re: Need to speak to a higher-up---PLEASE
Asistencia al cliente


We are all ears here and ready to listen. It sadden us to see that you are no longer with our VZW family but we will always welcome you back.  Hearing about your final statement does  not sound like a pleasant experience and would like to help clear the air.  For better assistance I will send you a private message to gather more info.

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