"No upgrade fees"


So, I've had a device upgrade available for a couple of months now and decided to take a look at what phones are available. When I logged into My Verizon, I was greeted with this message:


Delightful! I was going to "Shop Smartphones" anyway, and it looks like now there won't be any upgrade fees! Maybe this is my reward for being a loyal customer for about 10 years or for waiting a while to upgrade instead of rushing into it. There are even some great sales on Android phones! So far so good:


Looks like the final price due at checkout will be $0.99 - what a bargain! Feeling pretty pleased with myself and Verizon at this point Notice that "Activation fees apply," but nothing is said about upgrade fees. I happily walked through the rest of the checkout process, but wait:


At some point the $40 upgrade fee snuck on there! Not to mention a whopping $39.37 of other taxes and fees!!! Now, after some research I know that the latter stems from a (ridiculous) California law that charges sales tax on the full retail price of the phone, which is annoying, but can't really be blamed on Verizon. But I am now paying almost $80 in taxes and fees on a phone that was advertised at $0.99, after being specifically told there were "No upgrade fees." I understand that this is still not a bad deal on a phone that retails for $450, so I decided to go through with it, but I am pretty infuriated by what I feel is nothing less than false advertising in this case, and I already regret letting myself get tricked into upgrading for "only 99 cents."

Hoping there's some way this fee can be refunded, since, y'know, you straight-up told me I wouldn't have to pay it.



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