Verizon Share Name ID Programmers -- Capitalization for Du* automatically changes to du


I have tried to set my Share Name ID to my name (last name first, which starts with Dun*).  The program automatically changes the last name to display as "duN*" as though the program automatically coverts names beginning "Du*" or "De*" with the first two letters lower case and the third letter capital. Example:  Duhamel becomes duHamel, Debrito becomes deBrito, Dunning becomes duNning.  I suppose that the programmers automatically assume that a last name beginning with the letter "D" followed by an "e" or a "u" should become "deXxxxxx" or "duXxxxx" as though it's a French last name.  As a test,  I have changed my share name to many other last names beginning with letters other than D and those names I have tested display with the correct case (capital, lowercase), as in "Smith" and not "smIth".    I contacted tech support and they tried to change the case of my name and thought they had corrected it, but it then displays incorrectly again.  This may not sound like a big deal, but I want my name to display correctly with correct capitalization followed by lower case.  Perfectionist, perhaps.  WHO at Verizon needs to fix this programming error?

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