Re: Unlimited Data Plans - $20 added to grandfathered plans


In light of VZW decision to raise the price on my plan; leaving to another carrier would just make VZW's day. I don't completely agree with this decision. For example "no longer sustainable", adjusting to reflect the current reality of demand. I know VZW is not surprised of these turn of events, this is what they have hoped for, that's why they stopped unlimited. Next point is the "current reality" of my Nationwide 450 price plan left (UNCHANGED). Please VZW don't forget to address this reality. Subtract the $20 from my minutes plan to compensate for the increase to data.

"Important Message Regarding Your Bill"

     Gracias por ser cliente de Verizon. Continuing to provide unlimited

data features at their previous price, which is based on data usage

patterns from 2011 and before, is no longer sustainable. We are adjusting

our price for unlimited data features to better reflect the current reality of

the demand for data driven by video and application use.

     Because of this, starting on November 15, 2015, we are increasing the

price of each unlimited data feature by $20/month. If any of your lines

with an unlimited data feature are currently on a two-year contract, the

increase will not begin until you complete your contract term or enter into

a new one.