Re: Unlimited Data Plans - $20 added to grandfathered plans


I posted this in another section but it pertains here too.

Well I guess I am one of those "abusers" some of you are talking about.  Although to me it is not abuse if I have been paying since 2010 for unlimited data, plus wifi hotspot for each line.  We live in an area with no other internet of any kind.  Cable, DSL, etc - in fact we do not even have a landline for dial-up (which would suck anyway).  Satellite is worthless and why would I do that when I am paying for unlimited data lines.  All of our computers, PS4, TVs streaming Netflix, use the hotspots.  I will gladly pay for the $20 per line increase as VZW is allowing me to keep my UDPs.  Now my bill for 4 phones - 3 UDPs, and one 5GB phone plan will be just about $400 as the increase just took effect today.  And I am not complaining one bit.  No price increase for all these years, this should have been expected and those like me should be glad we still have it.  The ones who are tethering without paying for the hotspot should be paying for it.  Verizon is a for profit business and things cost what people will pay so if you do not like it you are free to go elsewhere.

Each of our UDP phones uses 50-150GB per month depending on time of year.  My line's usage was 149GB last month.  If any of you with cable internet/wifi looked at your router usage it would be similar I'd imagine.  Get mad and blame me for the increase all you want but I am using the plan for the reason I paid for it in the first place.  No throttling and no one from Verizon has ever sent me a nasty message all these years.  In fact,  if I have to call Verizon for anything they are some of the most helpful and courteous people in customer service I have dealt with.