Re: Unlimited Data Plans - $20 added to grandfathered plans


It's not the same. Technology costs go down over time and the profits are going up. 1% of their customers is insignificant. What they really want to do is shake off the unlimited users and they are more than willing to take the loss of users to save the cost of bandwidth. Verizon has the best quality phone signal in the Country which is why I've stayed with them, but I cannot afford to be taken advantage of on our contracts and quality of data service which is declined for me when I use a lot. Unless I hear some kind of reasonable justification from Verizon, this very long time (only service I've had) customer is going to finally leave like they probably planned on. Verizon, do you have any response for any of these comments? I've been paying hundreds to you on a monthly basis over the decades, are you going to explain the logic of increasing the service by 66%? You cannot tell me that their cost has gone up since the number of unlimited customers is insignificant. I cannot continue to recommend Verizon if they think it is fair to jack prices so much in one step.