Re: Unlimited Data Plans - $20 added to grandfathered plans


Same here, been with them for years- too many to count.  Never had

a phone with another company.As it is, two of the phones on our family plan have 4 gb of data (lost the unlimited) and only one still has unlimited because that phone was bought retail, which was the only way my son could keep his unlimited data.  Keep screwing over the customers... so what if it's less than one percent, does that really cut into their profit margin that much?  My cell phone bill is over $200 a month for three phones, it's insane.  Think again Verizon, maybe you don't care if you lose this one percent of your customers, but some others of us might jump ship with them. We share a plan, and if one drops off, we may just move elsewhere too.  What's the motivation for staying? Tell me that?