Re: Customer Service & Loyal Customers


Thanks Dan,

They are a business and are in it to make money but I remember a time when this company at least pretended to care about their long term, excellent credit & prompt paying customers! The past 18-24 months I have found myself more dissatisfied with their service, being told 1 thing on a CSR call and then something completely different at the Verizon store! I had an in store rep pull a few fast ones on us and by the time our bill came in it was over the 14 day limit to change it, etc!

Today is the 1st time I have looked into other carriers and I believe we will be moving over to Sprint by the end of the week!!! I'm older, hate change lol but if my loyalty means nothing to this overpriced company then I will at least take my business to a company that doesn't rob me blind!!!

Good luck to you!