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whyme1966 wrote:

Amazing customer service could not tell me this.


1. Add a new line to my account.

2. Cancel the contract associated line and pay the ETF associated with that contract.

3. Have phone activated for new line.

Is there any time frame I need to wait in between these steps. Does the ETF charged on my bill have to be paid first in order to be able to activate phone on new line?

thank you for your help. I just want to make sure I do it correctly.

I would do step #1 first because in the past Verizon would simply reinstate your contract if you were to cancel a line and then open up a new one within 90 days. Opening a new line of service before cancelling your contract line should get around this although I have not personally done it.

What I would personally do is to reactivate your old phone back onto your current line of service. This leaves you with the new phone not currently active on any line of service. THEN open up your new line of service and have them place your new phone(the new one currently not active on any line of service) onto this new line of service. The following day, I would call in and cancel the old line which you recently placed under a new 2 yr contract.

I assume your ETF will show up on your next bill and as long as you pay it before the due date your phone active on the new line of service SHOULD be just fine. If you do not see the ETF on your next bill, I would certainly call in and inquire about it. Of course, if you cancel your contract line AFTER your billing date and before you actually receive your bill, it would not show up until the following bill. Normally, you receive your bill ~5 days after your billing cycle closes. If you cancel your contract line during that 5 day period, your ETF would not be on that bill.

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