Robocalls. Why, Verizon?

Every discussion on robocalls is locked.  Why?  We still don't have answers, and we still don't have a valid and useful method for stopping these calls.  I am disabled.  I have a voice phone SOLELY for emergencies, as answering a telephone is physically painful to me.  I am on the "Do not Call" list, which I agree is a total joke.  Verizon SEES when a caller is using a spoofed number, yet lets the call through.  Verizon KNOWS when a call is made through an auto dialer, yet lets the call through.  Yes, Verizon makes money on these calls, which is the only reason why they do not stop them.

So, Verizon, why don't you allow us, your users, to make the decision as to whether or not we want to allow spoofed numbers or auto dialed numbers through to our handsets?  You offer us free blocking of 5 numbers.  That does zero good when callers are spoofing, and/or just going to another number to make robo calls.  I use an iPhone with the block call feature.  I have over THREE HUNDRED numbers blocked.  However, I still get 3 to 5 spam calls PER DAY, each one causing me pain to answer. 

What can we do to REALLY stop these calls?  Don't we have a right to privacy?

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