Re: Would Verizon get rid of the upgrade fee?

Líder Sénior

Well, truth is that the new plans really are cheaper together with device payment plans MOST of the time.  Contracts are hard to convince anyone to buy anymore since you are stuck for a matter of time terms, unlike with DPP which is money term.  You could pay off the phone all day long on a contract (if that was possible) and still have to have Verizon 2 years, outside an ETF of course.  With DPP, you just pay off the phone and done.  the industry is wrong for making contracts appear cheaper than full price, when IE they are more expensive, and consumers are at fault for having not broken down the details and assuming that companies would tell the truth.  So, in the end, both the wireless carriers and the consumers get bitten by misinformation.  In a couple years it will be like contracts never happened with people's mentality being changed to see what's true after so many years thinking a $700 phone for $200 or a $500 phone for free was really a good deal, when really, it costs 500-700 + tax + upgrade fee.  With people paying $40 a month in access charges its the same as people making a Device Payment monthly at $20 line and $20 people see where that extra $20 was pay off a phone.  $480 over the course of a 2 year contract.